Taekwon-Do Founder Gen Choi Hong Hi inducted into the Taekwondowon Hall of Fame in the Republic of Korea

Our “General Choi” was inducted in a ceremony conducted by a Taekwon-Do organization (in South Korea TKD is generally referred as the ‘WTF’ style) known as the Taekwondo Promotion Corporation, a unique government agency.  The Taekwondowon will update and review for new inductees every two years.
There were many difficulties this time in the selection, but the selection committee agreed there to be as fair as possible without prejudice.
Much discussions followed Saturday to how to describe Gen. Choi.  The term “Founder” would be used at a later time upon revision and updating.  Most prominent Taekwon-Do persons acknowledge Gen. Choi as the Founder but other stylists and politicians hesitate to agree on this terminology.  However the world knows this and is even recorded by the renowned encyclopaedia “Britannica” as such.
The historical fact that General Choi Hong Hi is the Founder will always be true and will not change no matter what.  We must still continue to endeavour our work in correcting the distorted history of Taekwon-Do, especially in Korea.
The following is inscribed on Gen. Choi’s plaque:

  • Named Taekwondo in 1955
  • Founded Oh Do Kwan and contributed to the vitalization of Taekwondo in Korean military
  • Worked as the President of the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA) and established listed the International Taekwondo Federation thereby contributing to the spread of Taekwondo around the




Award of Certificate (Left: SungTae Kim (Chairman of Muju-aekwondowon)), Jasmine-Choi, Choi Jung Hwa (President of ITF)



ITF members who attended the event (President Choi Jung Hwa and Vice President Volmir Ligay and Korea and Japan members)



Information from http://www.itf-administration.com